[PvP Arena / TDM / Lobby] Breeze of Dust

PREMIUM [PvP Arena / TDM / Lobby] Breeze of Dust

[PvP Arena / TDM / Lobby] Breeze of Dust

This is an incredibly detailed desert-style trading village arena that was designed for Team Death Match and other PvP modes with game sizes of around 10-12 players. There is also a central platform that allows the map to be used as a lobby or spawn. The map has a symmetrical design and lots of vertical gameplay. You can enter some buildings, climb onto the roofs, parkour your way around and discover some impressive details that will make the playing experience on this map worth your time!

The map was inspired by Arabic architecture and was influenced by various styles from the Assassin's Creed series. I have spent an incredible amount of time on every detail and thoroughly tested the environment on accessibility and possible breaches. The map is inescapable because of the barrier wall I put in place, but within the boundaries of the map, true parkour masters can jump from roof to roof without a problem. Every half slab was placed down for a reason, so make sure to polish your spacebar, because you are going to find yourself jumping around a lot!

Here is a list with some gamemodes or purposes you could use this map for:

- Team Death Match
- Paintball
- Prophunt / Tag
- KitPvP
- Quake
- PvP
- Server spawn / Hub
- Waiting area / Minigame lobby
- And anything your heart desires!

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More screenshots: Imgur

What features will you find in this world?

- Around 3000m² of playable area with a lot of vertical gameplay
- Ladders, fences, beams, stairs, halfslabs, plants, doors, corridors and all kinds of obstacles
- Lots of sand
- A symmetrical layout, so nobody has unfair advantages
- Room for around two teams of 4-6 players, or 10-15 individual players
- Beautiful scenery with intense detail
- A central platform for alternative purposes and epic PvP showdowns!
- No options to escape! No WorldGuard required (v1.8 or higher)

- A schematic file for the map. (note that banners and several other blocks will not copy correctly!)
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Love it you should post more pvp maps like this
we want skyblock spawns!
I'm going to DM you. Find a $5 pack of skyblock spawns on MCM or schematic-store and i'll buy it & upload.