MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack (AdvancedPets Support)

MC MODELS MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack (AdvancedPets Support) 2022-05-21

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MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack (AdvancedPets Support)
This Pack includes
King Oondasta Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death)
T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death)


Armored T-Rex Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death)

King Oondasta Mount Model (6 Animations idle,walk,attack,crush,roar,death)

Oondasta’s Crown ITEM
Oondastas Spiritcannon ITEM

Oondastas Mount summon Reins ITEM

MM Config

ADVANCEDPETS support, all mobs can be summoned and use abilities if u have AdvandedPets Plugin installed


  • Summonable Pet with custom abilities (autoattack, charge, piercing roar, spirit blast)
  • Boss Fight With Custom Abilities (Check video for more details)

Minecraft Paper 1.16.x-1.18.x
MythicMobs (Free Version)

AdvancedPets (Free Plugin)
ModelEngine (Paid Plugin)

MexBot’s King Oondasta & Trex Boss Pack is features King Oondasta with 5 Abilities and Regular T-rex Variant.

I’ve been modelling for several minecraft Projects since 2014, and I made commissions for well known minecraft youtubers. I’ve also worked with the mythicmobs plugin nearly since 2017 and with ModelEngine since early 2020. Compared most other models out there I always try to keep an average of 6-12 bones per model without losing quality. Good looking Models are amazing but not every Server Owner has a high spec server with +12 Ram, I try to find a balance between performance and quality.