Mallory Lobby - Medieval Woodland Themed Spawn Area

PREMIUM Mallory Lobby - Medieval Woodland Themed Spawn Area

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Mallory Lobby - Medieval Woodland Themed Spawn Area





This would make an excellent waiting lobby since there are a lot of places for people to discover and wander around. Even some mineshafts are accessible for players.
The idea behind this build was to create something a bit more medieval looking without fancy curved roofs as I usually build.

Build includes:
- Designed spawn platform
- Crate area
- Parkour
- Shop / Info area
- An extra empty room

EXTRA PICTURES: PMC: Spawn - Mallory Minecraft Map

---> Schematic size is fairly large so make sure you know how to paste large size schematics. I suggest to use AsyncWorldEdit or FAWE plugins and command /paste -a or if you have a small server use MCEdit to import schematic in single player world and afterwards upload save game file on your server.

Length (x):200
Width (z):200
Height (y):170

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