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ItemRecycler | SALE 50% OFF!
Native Minecraft Version:1.13Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17
  • 1.18
Contributors:RafricOFC, ULEES, NextImBlack, yeban, JorgeMCS16, 수달Languages Supported:English, French, Portugese Brazilian, Chinese, Slovenian, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Spanish

ItemRecycler is a light-weight plugin for recycling/uncrafting unwanted items. It's extremely easy to use. Recommended for semi-vanilla, survival servers. It supports the recyclement of more than 150 items, and it has 2 types of anti-duplication security. The plugin is also very customizable. You can change all the messages and edit the GUIs. You can also recycle worn items and the plugin will automatically calculate the outcome. The plugin supports permission based success-rate (donators can have a higher chance of success). You can also change the % of the returned ingredients. The recycler block can also be spawned or crafted and then right-clicked.

Here's a quick preview of how it works:

a) Simple recyclement

b) A bit more complex recyclement


Recycler block is a skull/block that can be either spawned or crafted. When you right-click the recycler block the recycler opens if you have the sufficient permissions. You can also change the skull's texture if you don't like the default one.


The recycler can also be crafted, using the following recipe:

(This feature is disabled by default, in order to enable it set recycler-block.craftable to true)

ItemRecycler video preview/tutorial recorded by DiamondRushXD

[PT-BR] ItemRecycler video preview/tutorial recorded by @RafricOFC

Spoiler: Preview GIF

/itemrecycler - Default plugin command.
/recycler | <player> - Opens the recycler or opens the recycler to the specified player.
/recycler get - Gives you the recycler block.
/recycler give <player> - Gives a recycler block to the specified player.

You can also use the following aliases for the recycler command:
recycle, rec, uncraft

[IMG] - Allows you to open the Recycler GUI. - Allows you to open Recycler GUI to other players.
itemrecycler.give - Allows you to spawn a recycler block.
itemrecycler.give.other: Allows you to spawn a recycler block in target's inventory.
itemrecycler.block.interact - Allows you to right-click the recycler block to open the recycler.

In v1.1.2 I've also added success-rate that depends on the player's permission. You can create teams and give each team a different success rate percentage. The team permission syntax is:

If you want to grant player all the plugin's permissions use:


If you want to use colors in the config use &<number>
Example: &cThis text is going to be light red.

If you need help with color formatting use this site:


There are 4 config files:
  • config.yml (General configuration: language, security, success-rate, gui)
  • blocked-items.yml (Allows you to block items from being recycled)
  • allowed-items.yml (Allows you to add items to be recycled)
  • locations.yml (Keeps all the recycler block locations)
In messages you can use chat colors as described above. The plugin also uses Materials if you want to allowed/block an item from being recycled. List of all the materials can be found here:


You can even enchant the items in the GUI by setting:
enchanted: true

Code (Text):

# _____ _____ _ __ ____
# |_ _| __ \ | | /_ | |___ \
# | | | |__) |___ ___ _ _ ___| | ___ _ __ __ _| | __) |
# | | | _ // _ \/ __| | | |/ __| |/ _ \ '__| \ \ / / | |__ <
# _| |_| | \ \ __/ (__| |_| | (__| | __/ | \ V /| |_ ___) |
# |_____|_| \_\___|\___|\__, |\___|_|\___|_| \_/ |_(_)____/
# __/ |
# Recycle/uncraft the items that you don't need.
# Coded by duplxey

# Plugin's prefix
# prefix - will be used in the messages
prefix: "&c[ItemRecycler] "

# -------------------------------------------------------------
# Security
# -------------------------------------------------------------

# Anti-duplication
# Protect your server from users duplicating items. There can only be one anti-duplication
# security running at a time.
# Types:
# - ALLOWED_LIST (only allows the items in allowed-items.yml.yml to be recycled) (High security)
# - BLOCKED_LIST (blocks items in blocked-items.yml from being recycled) (Medium security)
# - NONE (means that security is disabled) !!! HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED !!!
duplication: ALLOWED_LIST
# Non-allowed notification
# Send a message to the player when an item is either blocked or not allowed.
notify-player: false
# Durability
# Make items recycable/non-recycable depending on items's durability.
# Types:
# - ONLY_NON_USED (allows users to recycle only non-used items)
# - SMART_DURABILITY (calculates outcome)
# - NONE (ignores durability)
# Rounding
# Types:
# - NICE (still returns all the components if an item is on 85% or more)
# - HARSH (uses smart durability if an item is on less than 85%)
rounding: HARSH
# Enchantments
# If false, enchanted items will not be recycled.
enchanted: true
# Custom names
# If false, items with custom names will not be recycled.
custom-named: true

# -------------------------------------------------------------
# Misc
# -------------------------------------------------------------

# Success rate
# Enables success rate depending on the player's permission. If the player has permission
# itemrecycler.successrate.team1 <- he has 50% chance of the recyclement to be successful
# itemrecycler.successrate.team2 <- he has 25% chance of the recyclement to be successful
# In case player doesn't have any successrate permission, this function will be ignored
# for that player.
# You can add more teams. The teams don't need to be named teamX, you can make
# custom names like vip, pro, master or something like that. The permission would then
# be
enable: false
# Result
# Types:
# - RETURN (returns the items back to the player when the recyclement fails)
# - DELETE (delete's the player's items when the recyclement fails)
type: RETURN
# Permission syntax is: itemrecycler.successrate.%name%
team1: 50
team2: 25

# Success out
# Determines what % of the ingredients are returned.
enable: false
percentage: 50
WARNING: This is only the first part of the config.


If you find any bugs please report them as soon as possible. Don't report them in the comment/review section, because I won't respond to bug reports there. Send me a private message or an email. I will do my best to fix them as soon as possible.


We can improve the plugin together contact me and send me your ideas. If the idea is good it will be added in the new version.
  • Recycle signs
  • German language support
  • + Your ideas
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Do you have any problems, questions or suggestions? Feel free to join my discord server.

I am not obligated to update the plugin. This does not mean I won't update it.
You can only use this plugin for your server/network.
You cannot redistribute this plugin.
You cannot decompile this plugin.
You cannot claim you created this plugin.
You cannot chargeback.