Aquatic Pack | 9 Unique mobs!

BSMC+ Aquatic Pack | 9 Unique mobs!

Aquatic Pack | 9 Unique mobs!
This pack includes:

  • Swordfish
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Football Fish
  • Zebra Turkey Fish
  • School of Sardines
  • Barreleye Fish
  • Manta Ray
  • Oar Fish
  • 5 Types of Sea Horse
  • Nautilus
Sea life is the life for me!

This new pack features 9 different mobs to populate your underwater worlds!

The Manta Ray – A Passive mob that glides along the ocean landscape

The Swordfish – Hostile towards certain other fish and players, using its sword to skewer its targets.

The Nautilus – An ancient cephalopod that roams the deep.

The Football Fish – Equipped with a bioluminescent lure, it skulks the darkness.

The Barreleye – One of the weirdest fish I’ve ever seen.

The Oarfish – A beautiful long boy that wriggles his way through kelp fields.

The Hammerhead Shark – A hammer variant of the classic shark, very hostile, very dangerous.

The Zebra Turkey Fish – Passive mob with a spiny fins and stripes where it counts.

The Seahorse – 5 variations of seahorses, so cute.

Of course all of these fish have their own items like vanilla fish mobs, and a few of them also have cooked variations!