ApiaEnvoy [1.8.8-1.18.2] | Now With Global Feature!

CRACKED PLUGIN ApiaEnvoy [1.8.8-1.18.2] | Now With Global Feature! 3.0.30

ApiaEnvoy [1.8.8-1.18.2] | Now With Global Feature!
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Native Minecraft Version:
Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8 / 1.9 / 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18


ApiaEnvoy is a advanced envoy plugin for any server.



Now ApiaEnvoy supports global envoy! WorldGuard and 14 supported integrations for global envoy. Check the new configs.
Customized for Faction, SkyBlock and So On!

ApiaEnvoy, currently supports 15 platforms. These are; ASkyBlock, AcidIsland, AdvancedRealm, BentoBox, FabledSkyBlock, FactionsUUID, FactionsBridge, GriefPrevention, hClaims, IridiumSkyBlock, IslandWorld, JetsPrisonCells, KingdomsX, Lands, PlotSquared, Residence, SaberFactions, SuperiorSkyBlock, Towny Advanced, UltimateClaims and uSkyBlock.
If the platform you are looking for is not in the list, you can request us to add it by clicking here.

Conditions and Categories
You can diversify the envoys that will fall on your users' island.
For example, you can have an envoy of tools on islands between levels 50-100 and an envoy of tools and farm items on islands between levels 100-200.
It is very easy to prepare all these with the categories system and you can easily set them with island level condition.
Supports all placeholders from PAPI and MVdWPAPI.

Advanced Reward Setting
If you want a command to be run as a reward, the reward will be shown as an item when the envoy is dropped, and whoever gets it from the envoy, the command will be executed on his behalf and the display item will disappear. If you want to give items as a reward, you can also set flags in addition to the ordinary features.

Planned Events
You can produce envoy events in any day of week, at any hour of day and in any category you want.

Fireworks and Hologram Support
When the Envoy falls, a hologram appears to help them notice it. You can also show the distribution of rewards in the chest according to their types. Also, the time left to the fall of the envoy can be seen in the center of the island while the envoy has not yet fallen.

Envoy Flare!
Players can summon envoys using the items you specify. Moreover, you can determine which tier of items the envoy they summon will contain.

Switchable and Secure Envoy Block
You can change the block containing the rewards. You can currently use chests, trap chests, barrels, and shulker boxes. The Envoy block is protected from being manipulated by means such as pistons.

Small Details
  • After the envoys have fallen, you can make them disappear for a certain period of time.
  • You can specify what percentage of players on that island must be online to get envoy.
  • You can set the minimum number of player that must be on the server for envoys to drop automatically.
  • For a more pleasant fall animation, you can use armorstand instead of falling block.
  • You can manage the ability to get items from envoys with the hopper.
  • You can decorate the Envoy fall with nice particles and lightning strikes.
  • When the items in the envoy are collected, you can activate the return animation, the envoy will rise like a fall animation.

Global Envoy:


Platform Envoy:



  • AcidIsland
  • AdvancedRealm
  • ASkyBlock
  • BentoBox
  • FabledSkyBlock
  • FactionsUUID
  • FactionsBridge
  • GriefPrevention
  • hClaims
  • IridiumSkyBlock
  • IslandWorld
  • JetsPrisonCells
  • KingdomsX
  • Lands
  • PlotSquared
  • Residence
  • SaberFactions
  • SuperiorSkyBlock
  • Towny Advanced
  • UltimateClaims
  • USkyBlock

If the platform you are looking for is not in the list, you can request us to add it by clicking here.

Click here to see files in GitHub.

Latest updates

  1. 3.0.30