[20$] Cave Mob Expansion Pack [Vol 2]

MC MODELS [20$] Cave Mob Expansion Pack [Vol 2]

[20$] Cave Mob Expansion Pack [Vol 2]

Cave Mob Expansion Pack

With the introduction of Minecraft 1.18, or “The Cave and Cliffs Update”, we felt that the caves were still lacking in terms of unique mobs and new experiences. This pack is part of a multi-volume set of cave expansion mobs that feel vanilla enough to drag-and-drop onto a survival server, and well modeled enough to frontline an RPG experience, so enjoy!

The Pack Includes…

5 Custom Mob Models

Idle/Walk/Death/Attack and special attack animations when relevant.

Fully skilled for use with MythicMobs!

RandomSpawning configured to populate your survival caves!

Latest MythicMobs and ModelEngine are **required**!

The Miner dwarf

This mutated villager, home to the deep caves can be found mining around in the dark as well as have some nice trades for you! His trades are randomized through configurable drop tables.


Amethyst Golem

Brother to the iron golem, this dinky little cave golem doesn’t get to see much sunlight. Spawning around amethyst cluster’s you’ll find that these little guys are simply fun to look at.



This guy is a really nasty plant. It will stay hidden underground, completely invincible until you’re far enough away for him to pop up and start shooting at you. The only way to damage him is to catch him on fire and drag him to the surface.


Dwelling Bug

This fat creature is currently a melee monster, just doing its best to get it’s next meal.

There is a planned update for this creature to fill out a full pet/taming system with him!


Glow Fly

This might be one of the most annoying creatures that you’ve ever seen in Minecraft. It’s passive until attacked, but sure acts like a real fly. Following you around and getting in your way. You’ll probably want to kill it.


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