Archangel Set 9.50$

MC MODELS Archangel Set 9.50$ 2022-06-17

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Archangel Set 9.50$
Along with the Archangel boss pack comes the Archangel set pack, which comes with a full Archangel armor set, Archangel wings cosmetics, and two weapon models.
This pack contains:
  • Archangel Helmet (Custom Armor) + Archangel Helmet Icon (Inventory Icon)
  • Archangel Chestplate (Custom Armor) + Archangel Chestplate Icon (Inventory Icon)
  • Archangel Leggings (Custom Armor) + Archangel Leggings Icon (Inventory Icon)
  • Archangel Boots (Custom Armor) + Archangel Boots Icon (Inventory Icon)
  • Archangel’s Sword Weapon Model (Item)
  • Archangel’s Spear Weapon Model (Item)
  • Archangel’s Wings Cosmetics Model (Item)
  • Fix for shaders: Armor doesn’t break when shader is on
  • Instruction on how to get the custom models in-game
Tested on version 1.17.1, Resource pack included
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The folder with the models is not there.
It is a set armor